Every time a child says, "I don't believe in fairies," there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.
James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

good news..

So the tests were all clear - so that's a hurdle jumped - a few more to go! Children start back at school tomorrow so I'm in full on organizing mode - mixed of course with full on 5 1/2 months pregnant so I'm tired mode ugh. Have my road test in the morning too, and although I'm definitely trying to be more breezy about passing or in my case - failing! - it's still nerve wracking to know I may have to start the whole process again. Anyway - not a long post as I have mountains still to do before I can officially relax for an early night. Oh I did buy an owl candle holder and some glitter paint and had the children collect acorns on Saturday - so the hint of Autumn is just around the corner - and I'm loving that thought!

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