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James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cake Pops - the perfect pickerupper..!

What can I say - these were the best things to come out of the cupcake revival search for small portion big wow desserts. Easy to make and stunning to look at, they are the new cheese on a stick.. ok nothing beats cheese on a stick but these come close.
The best thing is you can decorate them in so many ways and they have that cute small appeal that larger cakes often lack. All you need to do is bake your favorite cake in a tray or however you feel comfortable doing it.
Break it up into crumbs, add a dollop of icing and form into balls. Place the balls on sticks and use melted candy melts to coat. Then you can decorate them however you want to. 
Hell, you can even do amazing cutest dog in the world Boo pops! A very satisfying treat and with a tiny amount of calories if we're comparing to a hunk of chocolate cake. What's not to love! I got a box of Valentine's decorating treats at Michael's last night - so albeit a bit late we are getting in the spirit of the love season today with Valentine Pops!

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