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James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

hitting the sales

I decided to venture into Michael's last night, while hunting down some fabric stock for my store https://www.etsy.com/shop/brambleboutique. I was really checking out some jewelry bits and bobs for my daughter's upcoming 6th birthday, but couldn't help myself with the holiday sale stuff. They had all the Valentine's finds at 75% off - how could I resist! The thing is if you are smart you can buy the items in the sales that you would use anytime, not just that holiday. Michael's has a bad habit of putting hearts on the packaging of the funniest things.. same with holly at Christmas, Spring Chicks at Easter and so on. Most of the items I bought can be used year round so also could be bought year round had they just thought not to add their silly packaging! 
My finds:
Red and white straws - 16pc ea for just 59c ea these can usually be found in there for $4!

Rubber stamps - the doilies can be used anytime! Cost just $2 each - usually $10

Red ramekins.. just 59c each! I can use these for ingredients, crafts.. so many things! 

I also bought some red glitter ribbon for 50c usually $4. Perfect for Christmas time bows for the girls. Oh and I bought a big pad of Valentine cardstock for $5 usually $20. The items are displayed on some of the pages which are a bit "lovey" - but for the most part it is flowers and chevron patterns - so can definitely be used anytime. Bargains! Love it.

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