Every time a child says, "I don't believe in fairies," there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.
James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Saturday, July 21, 2012

driving miss crazy

I'm heading out for a driving lesson this morning.  I can drive, have done for a long time, but failed my US road test in June. To say I was devastated doesn't say enough.  Worse was I could feel how disappointed my instructor was with me because he knows as well as I do that I should have passed! Argh! Nerves got the better of me on the day, as they do for lots of people, doesn't help that feeling of failure though. I have my next road test in just over a week and I am terrified! Not of the driving, or the maneuvers which are just checking off boxes as you go, signal, mirrors, blindspot, etc.. I am terrified of failing again.  I get a knot in my stomach thinking about it. So off I go for a lesson and I hope to do a couple more before the road test - just to get some more experience so maybe I won't be as terrified.  Time will tell!

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