Every time a child says, "I don't believe in fairies," there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.
James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is in the air

Beautiful crocus, white, purple and yellow are popping up all over the place.  My Hydrangeas have little bud looking things on them and the twiggy bushes and trees are all covered with tiny leaf buds.  Spring is just about to spring and I can't wait! I made some more progress on clearing what will be the patio area, or courtyard to be fancy! I dug some more of my pond, and have decided to get a solar powered water feature to put on its upper ledge.. that way the water won't be still and hopefully that means no mosquitoes. 
I saw a pair of Robins in the garden yesterday evening, first time - very exciting! And had a tree cutting guy out to price up which ones are going.  He's coming tomorrow or Friday to do it, and will be leaving us with the firewood for next winter.  I'm looking forward to that being done, so we can go ahead and take down the smaller ones ourselves, then my picket can go up around my veg garden! And hopefully my hens can come, raised beds can be built, and the 250+ plants in my guest room can make their way to the great outdoors.  Bramble Boutique launched my Springtime In Paris hair flower range on etsy this morning, already have orders, so it's looking promising - hopefully I can fund all these grand schemes I'm thinking of!


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